Best Hunting Times on Steroids

Hunt Predictor is the most advanced prediction formula for deer, turkey, and waterfowl. More accurate than solunar calendars alone. Utilize an algorithm based on 7 scientific weather variables proven to identify and predict wildlife movement.

Location-Based Prediction

Location matters and it matters most when you want to know when to hunt or know where to hunt. With Hunt Predictor’s location-based prediction, you will get the most advanced detailed 5 day prediction forecast for deer, turkey, or waterfowl to help you identify when your favorite game is on the move.

Analyze Prediction Data

Get serious about your hunt and analyze the in-depth prediction analysis to form your own opinions. Quickly review prediction scores on one or more variables such as lunar phase, barometric pressure, wind speed and much more!!

Best Times Graph

You know the day and you know the location of your next hunt, now analyze the best time of day to catch your favorite game. Utilize the latest technology in prediction algorithms on an easy to use Go Hunt or Stay Home graph. Increase your hunting efficiency and stay ahead of the game.